Why choose Angular for my next project?

I have been following Angular since it's alpha release in 2016. Since then Angular has improved in leaps and bounds with their speed and security improvements.

Google now recognises single page application making search engine optimisation a lot easier.

The advantages of creating your project with Angular over, for example, php and .net is that once the user access the application the code is downloaded onto the your customers machine. This makes navigating between the pages almost instantaneously.

Angular two way binding allows us to update information live on the pages as it is either changes by the user or by the Api/DB.

With Angulars modular component enable applications to be built a lot more efficiently and decreases the amount of time required to create the app. This allows components to be used in multiple places with minimal coding.

Angular uses Typescript this helps ensure that the code stays uniform enabling multiple developers to work on the same piece of code whilst keeping it within the correct standards.

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